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List of Our Services
We help brands build meaningful connections with their audiences —in all the places digital touches people’s lives.
Social Media Optimization
We Master the Social Media Platform to push your Brand reach Millions!

Zip, Zap, Zoom your Sales, Client List and Brand Reach through the Social Media Rocket, We Pilot your process.

Would you like to increase brand awareness, build up a community or engage with your customers? Then you may want to think about working with social media. But be aware of the potential pitfalls.

By 2015, Global Social Commerce Revenues are estimated to reach of $30 Billion
More than 80% of small to Medium Sized Companies plans to increase their use in Social Media by 2013
62% of Marketers say Social Media has become more vital in their Marketing Campaigns within last 6 months.

If your company believes in increasing its Brand Value, Product Reach, Customer Interaction or Consumer Community, then SMO is the key. SMO requires sharp knowledge of the Social Media, the Do’s & the Don’ts. SMO services have to be result-driven, duration restricted, creative and technically advanced. XandY Design offers these innovative services cost-effectively, that will get your brand the social media reach and sensation it deserves. Social Media is a sharp medium that has to be perfectly carved to derive business success. SMO services require skilled talents, definite planning and proper execution, that is offered by team XandY Design.

What We Do for You
  • Design and Develop social media profiles on famous Social Media Apps like (Facebook page, Twitter, Google + pages, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Pinterest)
  • Introducing Advertising campaigns
  • Developing Facebook Apps, customized for your brand.
  • Promote the brand and the developed FB App.
  • Optimizing the social media promotional campaigns and reporting the same.
Benefits of Our Work
  • Exceptional Brand Promotion on Social Media
  • Right choice of network and channel suitable for each business type
  • Positively engage in linking the SEO efforts and SMO process
  • Develop good connectivity with the consumer community
  • Boost new business opportunities and channels
More visibility? More traffic? More conversions?
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