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We help brands build meaningful connections with their audiences —in all the places digital touches people’s lives.
Search Engine Optimization

We pull all the potential buyers to your website. ROI becomes easy now.

Your buyers are all scattered around, We track them and pull them to you. Pulling in Customers = SALES $$ SEO $$


Your website is driven to the online surfers through Search Engines. SEO is a program to help the Search Engines find your website easily and thereby help your customer to find your company distinctly amidst thousands of competitors. It helps your website win the race and list itself among the best, thereby driving in potential customers. There are other technical terms such as KEYWORDS GOOGLE RESULTS GOOGLE Analytics Geographical Location Specific Spidering Link building Web Optimization Google Ranking Natural Ranking Search Engine Positioning Internet Marketing Pay Per Click Indexing

searchengineoptimization_icon2_xandydesign XandY Design Does:
  • Highly technical programming to ensure lead results
  • Customized Keyword analysis and application
  • Specific structuring, location focused, device focused architecture
  • Intelligent link building
  • Social Media Optimization friendly
  • Optimized Web Advertising
  • Improvise Natural Ranking
  • Reports on Search Engine specific positioning and improvement
  • We sail your website through the ever-evolving waters of googles algorithms, & help it stay on top!
seobenefits_xandydesign Benefits from SEO:
  • Increased potential customer traffic
  • Established brand awareness
  • Quick reach to right audience
  • Market analysis, know how on competitors, customer expectation & reaction on website and ranking
What is SEO?
SEO is the science of achieving ‘natural ranking’ of your website through web content engineering. The focus is on the visibility of the website, the brand, the information and the achievements to the target audience. Google is the most preferred search engine, along with other search engines, on whose ranking the SEO process is built.
Search Engine Friendly
SEO is not about bringing in traffic through natural ranking. Our SEO process is bigger and targets on the overall focus of customer impression. On simple terms, the main purpose of or SEO is to analyse the potential customer visit, their stay on each web page and the positive outcome of their visit. This involves analyzing the design, the content, the development and the functionality of the website. This process enables us to qualify a website to be Search Engine Friendly.
Content Optimization
When a website is approved in terms of design, and functionality the focus completely shifts to the content. The key to drive in traffic is to produce proper key words to enhance the chances of top ranking. Keyword analysis is a specialized process that includes studying the target audience, the keywords used for search, the product details, the competition factors etc. Based on all this the content is professionally done with the proper choice of keywords that is verified through AdWords campaign or Google Analytics data.
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